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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have You Been To Ideeli Yet?

Ideeli is a members-only shopping community for trendsetting women. They offer the season's hottest luxury accessories specially priced for their members! Enjoy huge discounts on names such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and much more.

See for yourself what everyone is talking about!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My new Favorite Font!

In the name of sharing all FABULOUS shoe finds with all my favorite villagers....

I give you:

High Heel typeface by Zummi.
My illustrious, adventurous, gorgeous cousin found this at deviantart.com. I love it. I will download it now. It makes me want to create reams of text filled with meaningful prose....like where to find foot petals, the reasons why metallic leather boots ARE practical and why the 4 inch stilletto is the new 3 inch wedge. I'm picturing "Illuminated Manuscript" style pages....oh the possibilities!!

Calling All Fluevog Lovers! 20% Off All John Fluevog Shoes Dec. 11th - 14th Only!

"Moses used tablets, Picasso used paints, God used Moses, Alex G Bell used the telephone and John Fluevog uses shoes. Great minds of the past have used a variety of mediums to communicate their messages – since the beginning of time (or at least John) John has been using the soles and foot socks of his shoes to communicate with the world.

John has always seen himself as more than a Canadian shoe designer: “I’m an armchair philosopher, and artist and a style monger, my shoes and messages are quite simply a part of me.” Make of them what you will - love ‘em or leave ‘em, they’re just gonna keep on coming..."

The word according to John, John Fluevog that is. Shop for his shoes on sale for a limited time only at www.village-shoes.com. Receive Free Shipping on any purchase over $150 and save with No Sales Tax!

Post by Stacey

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hand Crafted Jewelry Trunk Show December 13th 3-7pm - Great Holiday Gift Ideas -

Join Us On December 13th for another Trunk Show Event!

Local artist Kerry Alonzo will be on site displaying her handcrafted Jewelry. Just in time for those last minute Holiday Gift Ideas. Come help us celebrate and support our local artists. Her collection will be on display from 3-7pm.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Did you Scarf? - A Village give away!

Well Hi there, How are all my favorite shoe fiends... I mean friends. (Did write that out loud?) ooops my bad.

Did ya'll have a good Thanksgiving? I sure did. My Frank and I spent the day with our adopted Grandma. We adopted her, she didn't have much say in the matter. :-) Couldn't have asked for better, we had plenty of turkey, pie and all the trimmings. Even a good old fashioned sing along after dinner with grandma playing the piano.

I often feel that Thanksgiving is a forgotten day stuck between the two commercial bookends of Halloween and Christmas. We all have so much to be thankful for, and we rarely have the time or capacity to reflect on all the blessing and bounty we have all received . Just think how amazing it is that if we need power or water or food, all we have to do is flick a switch, turn a knob, or open the fridge. How much of the world can't do those things??

OK..I'm done (climbing off soapbox) I'll leave the philosophy to those who do it best, and get right down to brass tacks here....sooo...did you scarf?? Yes I mean the dinner but also the whole accessory as verb thing too....Do you scarf? (waggling eyebrows)...

I love to scarf, and especially those pretty, filmy, light but lofty warm things that can be wrought into almost any imaginable combination of neck warmer, tube collar, shawl, hood, and downright fashion necessity! And here at Village shoes we couldn't imagine leaving our diligent readers without such a must during this chilly time of year! So we are having a Scarf Give-away!

Love this one! It's gorgeous....crinkly soft dark brown with just a touch of adventure in the form of tiger/zebra stripes. (I can never tell the difference...they might as well be Zegras, or Tibers) All I know is they gave the fashion industry the pattern of the century! Look at what all you can do. Here's a peek.

Here's a few ways to wear your great scarf!

Grace Kelly! Do your best imitation of Hollywood royalty, fresh from a coastal drive with the top down. Lay the scarf out full width and drape over your lovely locks, making sure to snugly wrap the ends around your neck, and over your shoulders. Voila, a hair-do protector, and just enough warmth to prevent your ears from freezing.

It's Freezing Outside! When it's just too cold for words, double your scarf lengthwise and wrap it around your neck, tucking the ends through the loop you've created from the other end. It's double the love!

Shawl time. Simple, obvious, but always sheik. Wrap your scarf around your shoulders, tossing one or both ends over your shoulders. This works great for drafty offices, cool evenings, or just because you love making a fashion statement. Wear gold hoop earrings for the final crowning touch.

Wrap me up. Simple, but effective for keeping your lovely long neck from irritating glacial drafts. Drape your scarf around your neck with one side about twice as long as the other, take the long end and give it a good swinging toss back around your neck. You should end up with a double wrap around your neck and two shorter ends gracing your front shoulders. Tah-Dah...

So all I need from you lovely lot, to enter this give-away is this: What is it that your most thankful for right now?? That's right I need to know! I have an inquiring mind...and you have some soul searching to do. :-) Even if you've had a horrible year, nothing went your way, and all your shoes were eaten by packs of rabid wolves...you probably have at least one thing in your life you're thankful for.

We'll leave this give-away up for a week from the post date, and announce the winner (chosen at random) at the top of this entry. So come on folks, enter by leaving a comment below. We can't wait to give this beautiful scarf a new home....

now excuse me...there's some leftover pie in the fridge that's calling to me. I...must scarf.


Monday, December 01, 2008

Here Comes Misses Claus- In Red Suede Boots!

Here comes Misses Claus in a pair of red velvet knee high boots! What a great way to make an entrance this Holiday season. Ralph Lauren Diane Suede Boots On Sale for $569! Can't take the plunge? Check out the perfect pair of black pumps for that go-to little black dress. Amaya Suede Heel On Sale for Only $69.99!

Post by Stacey

Monday, November 24, 2008

Join Us on December 5th for Art and Wine!

Join us for a special evening on December 5th for First Friday Art Walk! Come on by and meet local artist Lawrence Goines and view his amazing work on display through the month of December at
Village Shoes 369 E. Main St. Ashland, OR 97520.

Liquid Assets will be on site with a fabulous
Wine Tasting from 6-8pm
Free and Open to the public

Lawrence Goines Bio:

"My father was a photographer. Around his neck he donned a Zies Comtax C range finder and a Weston Mark 1 light meter. He had a routine at the grocery store when paying for his purchases. Taking out his wallet he would allow the cascading photos he had taken of his wife and eight children to unfold before the clerks eyes. This procedure, more often than not, lent itself to share his passion for photography. Although pop was by profession a civil engineer his true passion was photography, which
in turn became mine as well.

My mother was of course very busy raising eight children. She was a master when it came to finding balance in dedicating quality time to her children, her brilliant and often out of control husband and pursuing her own artistic endevors. My mom was born an artist. From writing our names in calligraphy on our lunch bags, to designing her own Christmas cards, to being commissioned (in her 80's) for her beautiful water colors at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, California.
My parents gave me love, a sense of humor (Mad Magazine was required reading) and the desire to pursue my own desires and passions. With these tools I entered the world of photography. It was in the 1970's that I was held captive behind the lens of a camera. The entire process was exhilarating. Capturing the image, breathing life into the print in a make-shift dark room and finally showing the print. WOW! It was great when it was praised. WOW! Did I have a lot to learn.
By the 1980's I had become far more proficient in the art of image making.I was using a Nikon F with 3 lenses, a dark room with a Beseler 23 C equipped with a cold light diffusion head. My printing was displayed in a 16"x 20" format. I only shot Tri-X black and white film. After making the print I would often hand color them...which introduced
me to mixed media photography.

In 2006 I purchased a Digital SLR camera. Once again there was a learning curve. Understanding the way the images were captured and printed, using software to translate the data and the joy of not having to be in a dust free, dark, stinky wet room. However, if it were not for my many dark room hours I would not have acquired the skills that I have developed. I am pleased to present to you my photographs being displayed at Village Shoes, 369 E. Main St. Ashland, Oregon on December 5, 2008 for The First Friday Art Walk. For this exhibition I used an Olympus E-3 Digital SLR camera and an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 printer to produce the 24"x 32"prints. Ink jet receptive coatings are added to the stabilized photo canvas. The prints are sealed in a gloss acrylic top coat- and yes I still add color, tone or contrast the old fashioned way, paint. For me, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I have found my groove." Sincerely, Lawrence B. Goines

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Vog Blog...


(jumping up and down.)

New Fluevogs have arrived at Village Shoes! Oh my are they gorgeous! But then again I'm a sucker for a great pair of Fluevogs. With several pairs of boots, two new pairs of beautiful pumps, and even a couple of boots for the guys... My eyes have been the size of saucers in recent days.

You just can't go wrong with these beauties. Now (slobber)which of them will have to accompany me home? I need to wear a button that says "Will work for Shoes" But my other 8 pairs of Fluevogs are lonely ...they need a buddy! (Don't you???)

Here they are in all their Fluevogian Glory:

Miss Corey I presume...love your patent tendencies my dear.
Oh and my dear Arigato...how I love your sentiments...

Ms. Wessex, Love the tough looks... and Ms. Roxanne...you definitely don't have to put out the red light..Black is definitely your color.

Oh hi Miss Hvala...Love the two tone thing, and those buttons are adorable...Miss Heidi, my dear I do believe I've seen you up in the alps before, but this time.. I'm the one singing! :-)

and my dear sir, I beg your pardon for putting you alllll the way down here at the bottom, but "Warren" your stability and style uphold all the beautiful ladies up above. You're the rock..we lean upon...(sighs..with love).

AND even after all the eye candy I've just shown you. There's always more. Mr. Fluevog himself has a soft spot for the Village. In his latest newsletter he's even said to come by and see us at Village Shoes... so take his advice people....come by to try on and fall in love with our wonderful Fluevog shoes and boots. Fluevog Newsletter

(Maybe someday...if the stars align just right we might even have a Fluevog Give-away, so cross all your fingers and toes and wish me all good things, and hopefully before the year is out we'll give away something from my favorite Canadian, right here on the Village blog.)

P.S. Just in case you haven't seen enough..here's a lovely ankle and Miss Corey again to keep the faith alive...oh my, oh dear....I do believe... I do believe this one is a keeper!!

Lovies... J.

Ariel takes Free Flight at The Village

On the evening of November 15th. Ariel from Free Flight Clothing brought her wares to our lovely Village. From 3pm to 7pm She displayed her whimsical styles. This included many new additions to her already awesome line of screen-printed clothing, repurposed sweater knits, and hip re-vamped men's suit jackets.

This blogger is feeling sassy yet comfortable in a beautiful black pima cotton tunic with peacock feather designs that she picked up at the trunk show, as well as a couple of other pieces to add to her Free Flight collection.

For those of you who weren't lucky enough to be in attendance never fear. Ariel's designs are available locally at Avant Garb 397 E. Main St., Ashland,OR as well as her Etsy shop

Check her out,Free Flight won't dissapoint!

Ariel's Etsy Shop

Happy Shopping, Kerry

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kaboom! Kapow! Custom Art Shoes Size 6

Gee Whiz Batman! You'll be the talk of the town when you show off your one of kind pair. Kaboom! Kapow! Custom Art Shoes are another unbelievable pair by Pen-and-ink artist Halle Riddlebarger who proves that a little ink goes a long way. Beautifully hand drawn in India Ink by a local Ashland artist, each pair is one of a kind.

Size 6 $259 at village-shoes.com

Sunday, November 09, 2008

To Belt or Not to Belt.... We have a Winner!

Hi there...We have a winner!! Thank you jdh for commenting on your belting preferences....and because you were our only, best, and most wonderfulest reader.. you've won the beeee-youtiful belt pictured below! Please e-mail us at: info@village-shoes.com and we'll send it out to you pronto.

Thanks for participating and HEY FOLKS!! Next time I want to see Lots more comments! :-) Lovies... J.

Hi all my favorite shoe junkies...

For those who were expecting a contest or give-away sooner..my sincere apologies. I was attacked by a wicked virus. It got me down in a headlock, and several noogies later I'm almost back to better. 'Tis the season for it I guess..but still when it feels like jackhammers are drilling in your head, a volcano has taken up residence in your throat and and just generally feel horrible..it takes a toll on your creativity, and mine was near the bottom of the meter for most of the week.

However..one nice side effect of being sick?? It makes you need a belt for your favorite jeans. If you gotta be sick, you might as well lose a few pounds while you're at it!! :-)

And which one do I choose? Just something to hold 'em up? OR make it a style choice by choosing something with a great buckle. hmmmmmm. Choices, Choices. My favorite Village has a several awesome belts right now.

Here's the line up:

Well, Well, Well.....
These are all so pretty...They'd look fabulous with a nice Jean Trouser and a new pair of boots! Ohhh..yes....booooooots. And we just got some amazing new boots in. And Turquoise? I love the look of turquoise...Whatever shall I do? Well I think I like the turquoise one the best....yes, definitely that's the ticket!

Now all my fine fellow Villagers...Why do YOU wear a belt? Is it mostly just a fashion statement...with the biggest, flashiest, "blingiest" buckle you can handle? Or is it something you use for function only and it could be just a plain piece of rope..you wouldn't care as long as it prevented you from resembling your favorite plumber.. (no offence Joe..) :-D

So...which is it my friends? Tell us your belting preferences by leaving a comment on this blog. AND..because we love you and you mean so much to us.. We'll choose one of y'alls comments at random and give you a FABULOUS turquoise belt too, FREE!

Free's good, we can all use free!

So we can all be seriously belted and stylish at the same time...Whadday think? Sound good?
OK then....Let the commenting begin. Please be nice and only one comment per person though. Let's see how many comments we have by Wednesday 4pm Pacific Time and we'll pick a winner then. Good Luck Everyone...

I hope that this is just the start of a great give-away tradition here at the Village...so come on by and check us out often!


Friday, November 07, 2008

Legwear By Betsey Johnson!

Betsey Johnson is a world renown fashion designer and has been rocking the fashion industry with her unique and original designs since the 1960's. Known for her celebration of the exuberant, the embellished, and the over the top.

A new addition to her legendary designs: legwear!
Find great new products by Betsey at village-shoes.com

Saturday, November 01, 2008

There's no place like home....

especially if you can get there by clicking together your favorite ruby slippers!

What is it about red shoes??

They are the siren song of any true officianado (Ok..did I spell that right?...googling off..aff..uhhhh....AHHAH!) Aficionado: a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity. Also called, Devotee.
I love Google, almost as much as red shoes..but not quite! I think the craze started with the fabled, famed and longed loved "Ruby Slippers" from Wizard of OZ. Then it was honed when I did a book report on theredshoes in Junior high. Unfortunately the morality tale that Hans Christian Anderson intended was lost on me, and all it did was make me want red shoes.

Eventually my yen for shiny red shoes diminished in college, when the world was into Eddie Bauerish green, brown, denim and sensible suede boots. (i.e. the early 90's) Then around 5 years ago, I found ahem... Mr. Fluevog, and ever since I haven't been able to take my eyes off the best prettiest, shiniest, red, reddddist shoes. My favorite Village has several nice examples currently.

See!! Really! They do!

These beauties leave me with stars in my eyes, every time I see them. But then just recently I was surfing, as I am wont to do on occasion and I found these!! EEEEK...Wha? why? How on earth.....

Oh my. oh dear..... I'm speechless. Even though they are something I could or would absotively never wear..they are so vverry shiny and alluring. They remind me of that long ago fairy tale....I think I'm finally getting the moral of the story now. :-)

I think I'll stick with my Fluevogs!

Smiles, Jody

P.S. I've found the best Ruby slippers in the whole world! They are soooo adorable and guess what?? Made out of CHOCOLATE!! How much better can you get! They'd make fabulous party or wedding favors. http://www.rubyslippersspecialty.com/

Friday, October 31, 2008

Warm Fuzzy Slippers - Cozy Goodness

I step out of bed and reach for my warm fuzzy slippers to shuffle around the house in. Cozy, soft and easy to get in to, it's something you don't have to think about. It's a void socks just can't fill. That first sip of coffee gets me going. After a long day of work I kick my dress shoes off and reach for... you guessed it, my favorite slippers again! What is it about slipping into pajama bottoms and slippers? It feels like being a kid again. The comforts of home. My dogs curled up on their puffy beds in front of the fire, soft music playing while my husband makes one of his extraordinary dinners and me on the couch reading a good book... in my slippers. I am so thankful for my life. I wish for everyone that sense of peace and cozy goodness. - Post by Stacey

Slip-In and keep your toes warm around the house this winter! Suede leather uppers with luxuriously soft sheepskin lining. Open back for easy on and off. Traction rubber sole is waterproof and durable.

Men's Northwest Moccasin $49 at village-shoes.com
The perfect slipper for an evening by the fire or a quick morning dash for the newspaper! Soft suede leather uppers with warm sheepskin lining. Laces over instep for best fit.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cake anyone?

Hi all my favorite shoe loving fellow Villagers...

I've a confession to make...My name is Jody, and ...and I love shoes.
Whew!! OK..the hard part is over, I've admitted it and we can all move on in our 12 step program together. What? There is no 12 step program, you say?

Well that explains a lot! :-)

I'll be using this soapy platform to wax eloquent about the state of all things shoe related, life related, Village-shoes related and whatever else tickles my fancy. When one of my favorite Village People asked if I'd mind writing a few things here.. I all but jumped at the chance. So don't mind me if I upload funny things, "wow" things, and a few off-the-wall things here..

Hope you like my ramblings...as I really like to talk about shoes. Have for years (ask my mom, she shook her head when at age 4, I asked her to draw high-heels for me to color) Sigh...I think she's still shaking her head.

I've been thinking a lot about cake recently... (don't ask...it's a long story). There've been some great late night TV shows about bakeries making these fabulous cakes. As an artist I love all artforms and these creations are just so amazing they completely are out of my creative realm. A friend sent me a link to a hilarious site called cake wrecks, and after cringing, laughing, crying, and groaning at what was before me, I wondered .."tching, tching" Has anyone ever tried to make a shoe cake?

Behold..."The Uncommon Cake"

I found this beauty by an amazing woman who has an interest close to my heart! Shoes!! Check out her stuff on-line: http://www.theuncommoncake.com/ She has some great flip-flop and pump cookies too! Now that's what I call art!

Now...does it come in 8-1/2??
Oh never mind...just hand me a fork!

Smiles, Jody

Polliwalk's - Slippers For Kid's

Polliwalks was born from the imagination of long time footwear designer and former toy designer, Joel Rusnak. He had the idea that children’s shoes should be fun and offer toy like features that will make wearing shoes a playful experience, while offering support, stability and comfort for little feet. Joel teamed up with his wife, and three of his long time industry colleagues, and together, they created Polliwalks.

Product features include:
- Fun, colorful animal shaped shoes
- Shoe bottom features the footprints of that animal
- Comfortable and superior fit
- Molded Soft Foam Construction
- Easy to clean
- Waterproof closed cell foam material
- No Waste, all excess material created is recycled.
- Environmentally friendly packaging
- Eco Friendly water based adhesives used in construction
- Vegan- no animal products are used

Check out these adorable slippers for kid's by Polliwalk's just in time for the Holidays. Navy blue Puppy for boys or Bubblegum Kitty for girls. Only $24 at village-shoes.com

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shoe Lovers Unite!

Hello shoe lovers! With this post I am diving into blogger-world and I'm doing it feet first. I really enjoy working in the shoe business and all it involves-- talking about shoes, reading about them and especially looking at styles and people in their favorites. I found this great flicker page that is dedicated to people's favorite choices. It is called Shoe Lovers Unite just pics of shoes and a featured shoe of the day. Good clean fun and great for people like me who can't get enough of interesting shoes. Kerry

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bastad Clogs - Over 100 Years of Tradition

For over 100 years, the community of Bästad has been known for its hand production of quality wooden clogs. August Johanssen, in 1907, invented a "better" and more comfortable rendition of the old wooden shoe. His new techniques of orthopedic carving of the alder wood and lasting the leather uppers, revolutionized the clog business.
Swedish comfort brings you the latest styles and highest quality footwear from Sweden.

Why make a wood clog?

Wood is the ultimate substrate for contour formation and continuance. Orthopedists create insoles and orthodics out of material that does not compress, twist or lose it’s integrity. Wood has all of these properties and more.

Your foot is made up of many, many different bones, muscles and tendons that are under hundreds of pounds per square inch of pressure and stress. This tremendous pressure creates fatigue that is transmitted through your lower extremities. We believe if we can support your feet properly, this fatigue is minimized.

What feels soft and supportive can be a fleeting sensation that is soon replaced with discomfort and possible injury. Wood has an ultimate memory; it does not move. Your foot goes back to the same position, step after step.

Shop for Bastad Clogs at village-shoes.com

Friday, October 17, 2008

Village Find: Hats By Tomokotahara

I found these adorable hand made Crochet hats by a freelance designer in Canada. Inspired by music, traveling, movies and nature her designs are simply outstanding. Purple Cat pictured above is a pure wool hat with loads of personality. I love all the details. $55 at esty.com

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Costume Idea: Bettie Page - 1950's Pin Up Model

1950's Pin Up legend Betty Page became an icon to retro-loving pop culture fans during the 1980's and '90s. Not long after she made her way to New York City an amateur photographer took pictures of Bettie and put together her first pinup portfolio. The images of the shapely brunette reached Irving and Paula Klaw, brother-and-sister entrepreneurs who publish illicit magazines, and so began a career posing for photos in the 1940's as a way to make ends meet while working on an acting career.

"Bettie's numerous contradictions undoubtedly added to her charismatic personality. Nice and naughty, shy and daring, simple and exotic, Bettie shone with a freshness never before seen in the modeling industry. Without elaborate props, costumes, or set-dressings, Bettie produced some of the most beautiful shots to ever grace the covers of hundreds of magazines. Bettie's smoothly tanned skin, deep blue eyes and coal-black hair with her trademark bangs, were enough inspiration to spark the imagination of even the least experienced photographers. Her "girl next door" look and innocent smile only complemented that explosive combination of features.

Bettie's undeniable influence is still present today in fashion, films, and magazines just to name a few. The dark-haired girl from Nashville has become a living legend, a modern icon, a symbol of beauty and femininity that transcends ordinary standards. In the heart of her adoring fans, Bettie will forever remain the queen of pinup."

If you're thinking of that Bettie Page Pin Up Girl look for this Halloween, we have the perfect shoes for you!

Write your own Page, just like Bettie! Vintage-inspired pumps in faux patent with sexy double mary jane straps. Soft, padded footbed and traction sole. 3 1/2" Heel. $59 at village-shoes.com

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fidji Shoes - A Shoe You Have To Have

What do you get when you mix soft Italian leather and top French Designers and have them made in Portugal? Fidji shoes. One of the hottest brands we've ever carried. So comfortable and soft you won't believe it. All you need to do is try them on. They are a must have for anyone looking for fashionable and comfortable shoes you can easily wear from the office to a night on the town.

My favorite style this season is the Bo82. Slender and feminine, the B082 will be the most versatile shoe in your wardrobe! Smooth brown leather uppers with three straps accented by pewter studs. Topmost strap has a velcro closure for adjustable fit over the instep. Low stacked wooden heel keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Inner side zipper for easy on and off. Traction sole.

$189 at village-shoes.com

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Custom Art Shoes Available -Size 8 Only!

Just in time for Halloween! Wear something no one else will have. Pen-and-ink artist Halle Riddlebarger proves that a little ink goes a long way. Beautiful hand drawn custom art shoes done by local Ashland artist. Each pair is unique and one of a kind. If you fall in love with a particular shoe, you'll want to act quickly, they don't stick around for long. Limited Edition! There is only one size of each design.

$259 at village-shoes.com