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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Emerald Green - The It Color of the Year

Love is in the air! 
 June is the month best known for weddings, thanks 
to “Juno” a goddess of marriage.   

In ancient Rome, Juno was the goddess
 who watched over women and marriage. The month of June was named for her. It's a month for weddings and handfasting, so one could easily honor Juno at this time of the summer solstice.

photo by Easton 

The Pacific North West is the perfect backdrop to celebrate the union of two families no matter where you are from.  That is of course, if you don’t mind the weather changing from a mild rain storm with a slight breeze, to bright sunny skies in a matter of minutes.  No joke!  If you don’t believe me, ask the locals.  We are well trained to embrace the inconsistencies by “layering up” when it comes to our daily dress.  We are extremely fortunate to live in a place where we get to enjoy the four seasons.  Also, keep in mind that the rain is what keeps our surrounding area green.   
A popular trend today is getting married outdoors, especially at the beach. The romance and magic of it all can sweep you away. Oregon's coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world.

photo by wedinator.com on pinterest

Another popular trend we are currently seeing is the bridal party choosing their own wedding attire. This allows flexibility in style and budget while obtaining tradition by staying within the selected color pallet. These Bridesmaid dresses above are a perfect example of how to incorporate the multiple shades and variations the vibrant emerald color has to offer. 

Sacha London Tasha $169

Emerald just happens to be this years “it” color of choice for weddings. Funny enough, in the Medieval and Renaissance era the bride wore a green dress to represent her youth, fertility and harmony. Queen Victoria was married in a white dress in 1840, which started the trend that we have been familiar with in the past century.  In reccent years however, all colors have been used in weddings from everything from the d├ęcor, to the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen ties.  The modern brides dress has traditionally been white or ivory but this year we are seeing her in a very modern emerald color.

- post by Jessica C. Hernandez

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Naya Shoes - Leaving a Softer Footprint

We're introducing you to a new eco-friendly brand we just started carrying called Naya. They take a thoughtful approach by making choices that matter. They select environmentally preferred materials, whenever possible, in designing every Naya shoe. Naya brings together relaxed, sophisticated design and exceptional comfort in shoes that leave a softer footprint on the Earth.

Naya Fausta Wedge only $139!

Their philosophy: "Naya is the expression of our commitment to beauty, comfort and the well-being of our natural environment. This commitment starts with all of us – and it starts now.
Together, we can help soften our global footprint without compromising style. Each Naya shoe starts with a distinctly feminine design enhanced with rich, vibrant colors and unique, creative details. We infuse each style with pure comfort using soft leathers, breathable leather linings and layers of premium cushioning. And because preserving our planet is important to all of us, whenever possible we choose materials that reduce environmental impact."

When you purchase certain styles from Naya, a tree will be planted!  They've partnered with Plant-It 2020, an organization committed to the reforestation, maintenance and protection of our forests. Buy the Zephyr Sandal and Naya will plant a tree in the recent fire-damaged areas of Colorado. Now that's a purchase you can feel good about! Shop Now!


Plant-It 2020 is a 501 ©(3) nonprofit foundation that performs worldwide tree-planting at $1 per tree, donates fuel-efficient cooking stoves to needy families, and provides forestry, soil, and biochar education. Their services not only help reforest the world's cities and forests - they provide direct humanitarian aid by reducing hunger, thirst, malnutrition, poverty and indoor pollution while increasing the sustainability of not only the world's forests but also its people.

Post by Stacey
Photo by Serra Angel