Thursday, December 11, 2008

My new Favorite Font!

In the name of sharing all FABULOUS shoe finds with all my favorite villagers....

I give you:

High Heel typeface by Zummi.
My illustrious, adventurous, gorgeous cousin found this at I love it. I will download it now. It makes me want to create reams of text filled with meaningful where to find foot petals, the reasons why metallic leather boots ARE practical and why the 4 inch stilletto is the new 3 inch wedge. I'm picturing "Illuminated Manuscript" style pages....oh the possibilities!!


Douglas said...

oh that is just toooo kewl!! where do I get a font like that? do you suppose it comes in pizza slices?

Douglas said...

oh, and speaking as a guy, metallic leather boots are appropriate and practical for all occasions. always. just saying.

Village Shoes said...

Douglas...Where oh where did our dear Douglas go? Don't forget to come by the store and pick up your scarf!


The Village Shoes Crew