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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Frye Company

Wrapping up the year! 

The Frye Company celebrated their 150 Year Anniversary this year and today Frye is the oldest continuously operating footwear brand in the nation.

Frye started March 10th, 1863 in Marlboro, Massachusetts. The shoes have been legends ever since. 

It gained renown from the production of multiple styles of boots, including harness boots (first designed in 1938) and engineer boots. It remained an enterprise of the Frye family until it was sold in 1945. The company was moved from Massachusetts in 1980. 

The craftsmanship and quality of leather alone make Frye what it is today. I haven't met one person who knows about Frye and doesn't love the brand. The styles are fashionable and timeless and the shoes themselves last a lifetime. A nice Frye boot is a great investment if you are as in love with shoes as many of us are. 


Their styles have been worn by some of the most fashion forward celebs and everyone in between. Well known icons such as John Lennon loved the Fry Harness boot, as well as Brad Paisley, Miley Cyrus and Amanda Sayfried. Each style is so iconic to the brand that you can recognize a Frye boot from 10 feet away. 

Some of our favorite boots from the past year:

The Jane Strappy

The Melissa Harness
The Carson Zip Tall
Men's Phillip
To find out more about The Frye Company you can check out their website or book "The Boots That Made History"