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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Thought I'd pull some info from Cydwoq's website about their company for y'all to read:Cydwoq founder, Rafi Balouzian comes from a long line of master shoe-makers. In the early 1900’s, his great grandfather earned the reputation as a true artisan, crafting custom-made shoes to discriminating customers in Armenia. As a child, Balouzian grew up around his father’s shoe factory, drawing the shoe making process into his blood. It was also on trips with his father to Italy and France that the young Balouzian was exposed to those nations’ great handcrafted leather artists, learning the materials and techniques, molding them with crafts, which made his family’s products the ultimate shoes of the region. Rafi has continued the family tradition by obtaining a degree in architecture, which influences his designs.

His son, Ari, the seventh generation of the family artistry, designs for the line and is also the company’s Creative Director. Ari initiates styles, which place CYDWOQ shoes in a place of fashion leadership for the young, powerful and famous in that special place of glamour.

After a hundred and twenty years of expertise in the art of handcrafted shoes, the tradition began again. The CYDWOQ factory opened its doors in Burbank, California in 1996. The company’s mission was then, and still remains, to create hand-crafted shoes using the best leathers that provide the ultimate walking comfort in unique and timeless designs. Rafi, having been taught by his father from an early age to appreciate the artistry and quality of vegetable-tanned leathers, makes sure that to this day, rolls and rolls of the best Italian hand-painted leathers line the walls of the CYDWOQ factory. Natural choices dominate the CYDWOQ product. In shoe construction, the uppers are hand-lasted to the leather insoles using water-based biodegradable glues. Once inspected, the shoes are packed in distinctive cotton bags and recycled cardboard boxes. It is one of the world’s most ecologically responsible shoe firms, setting the bar for a greener shoe world.The design in CYDWOQ is based on an architectural approach of modifying and creating new constructions while using a handmade process to create shoes that are timeless as well as unique. Influences in the designs come from nature (in terms of shapes used and natural finishes), architecture, automobile design (in creating lines that complement the shape of the foot) as well as old films (in terms of materials used as well as modifying classic shapes).

CYDWOQ’s construction alone sets them apart. Their shoes are the only all leather shoes that have the insole (footbed) and the outsole contoured with the shape of the foot to facilitate the walking process. CYDWOQ is also distinguished from other shoe companies by the fact that its shoe components are manufactured at the CYDWOQ factory. Where other shoe companies only make the uppers and purchase the components from third parties, CYDWOQ manufactures the complete shoe with 90% of the components (heels, insoles, outsoles, wooden soles) constructed in-house. How is it done? On one side of the factory, the shoe-makers hand-cut the leather bottoms and shape the insoles and soles to the shape of the foot while other craftsmen hand-cut and sand the custom wooden heels. On the other side, shoe-makers sew the uppers and attach them to the lasts using water-based glues. Once completed, the soles and uppers meet in the center of the factory for final assembly, hand-painting, cleaning and quality control.

For more information about Cydwoq, read about the company history.

They're going quickly, so stop by and try on a pair!

post by Amanda

content provided by CYDWOQ

photos by CYDWOQ and Village Shoes

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

These are a Few of Our Favorite Teas

I always considered myself more of a coffee gal, but lately I find myself wanting tea instead. It seems everyone is always on the lookout for a new flavor, so I decided to make a list of the favorite teas of the Village Shoes girls.

  1. Numi Chocolate Pu∙erh
  2. Homemade lemon ginger cayenne tea
  1. Yogi Tea Green Tea & Goji Berry
  2. Choice Darjeeling
  1. Stash White Chai
  2. Stash Green Tea
  1. Stash Super Irish Breakfast
  2. Peet's Pure Peppermint
  1. Stash Holiday Chai
  2. Genmaicha
I tried Stacey's favorite, the Chocolate Pu∙erh tea, and I loved it. With cream and sugar it tastes a lot like hot chocolate minus the heaviness, and at $8.99 (via their website) for a box of 16, it's a lot cheaper than buying hot chocolate at a cafe. I think I need to set up a tea exchange at work so we can all try each others' favorites.

What are your favorite teas?

post by Amanda

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinch or Be Pinched

St. Patrick's Day...so many painful memories. I remember being a kid...fighting off pinches from friends because my 'green' wasn't obvious enough.

"STOP! STOP! I have a green ribbon in my hair. I HAVE A GREEN RIBBON IN MY HAIR! GET THE F*@K AWAY FROM ME!"

"Oh, sorry."

Yeah, well, that's not happening this year. This year I will be wearing the best kind of green: green shoes.

Village Shoes is actually stocked in stuff that will ward off unwanted nipping:

For the ladies: For the gents:If green shoes aren't your bag, we have plenty of socks for both men and women that'll do too. In addition, we have many accessories for the ladies that will save you from torment such as handbags, jewelry, and sunglasses.

G'luck on March 17th, and get your drink on responsibly!

post by Amanda

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Current Frye Inventory!

Since many of you are asking what sizes we have in stock, I figure I'd offer a list of our current Frye inventory. Although the sizes below reflect what we currently have, I'd like you to keep in mind that many of the boots run large and it's very normal to wear a size or two down in Frye from what you normally wear.

Women's Frye Inventory:
Melissa Button (BROWN): 6, 6.5, 8.5, 9.5
Melissa Button (BLACK): 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10
Harness 15R: 7.5, 8, 10
Harness 12R: 5.5, 11
Carmen Harness Short: 6, 7, 7.5
Jane Strappy: 9.5, 10
Carson Harness: 6, 8.5, 10
Carson Shortie: 10, 11
Carson Lace Up: 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10
Julia Campus: 8
Carson Pull On: 6.5
Jane Stitch: 6
Kira High Top: 8.5, 9, 10
Kira Low Top: 6, 6.5, 10
Maya Woven Peep: 6.5, 10
Laurel Flower T Strap: 6, 8, 9.5, 10, 11

Men's Frye Inventory:

Harness 12R: 10, 10.5
Oliver Chukka: 9, 10, 10.5, 11.5

Stop by to try your favorite pair on or shop online before they're gone! If you don't see what you're looking for, check back in soon.

post by Amanda

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


A couple of years ago on July 4th, I became friends with Jeny Lee. We met at a friend's cabin at Lake of the Woods and I have been extremely jealous of her sense of style ever since. This girl would be able to make a burlap sack look stylish, which makes it appropriate for her to have a clothing store located on Lithia Way (next to Cafe 116), that sells a little bit of everything, but primarily clothing. For sale, there's Jeny's art hanging on the walls, there're clothes hanging from racks, there's furniture, jewelry designed by herself and other local artists, novelty gifts...I mean, seriously, a little bit of everything. The walls are painted electric hot pink and the space is modest in size, but you can spend a good hour or so looking around to make sure you don't miss anything.

Also, Jeny's loyal companion, the beautiful Princess Keira B, is worth stopping by for if you aren't interested in shopping. Her dog is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. (Jeny, I am going to steal your dog. Sry.)

Jeny taught herself how to sew when she was a kid using her grandmother's old sewing machine and became expert enough to begin making a lot of her own clothes in high school. In 2008 she had the opportunity to buy Atomica from the previous owner and not only continued to do retail, but opened her doors to customers looking to have clothes altered or up-cycled. Recently I have been in there multiple times to purchase some of Jeny's up-cycled clothing designs. She takes old skirts, pants, and shirts, and cuts and sews them into something completely different than what they started off as. I recently bought a high-waisted floral print skirt that she altered to have a tail hem, or as Jeny and I like to call it, "party in the front, business in the back."

Obviously I knew that clothes can be altered, however it never dawned on me that you can just completely change an article of clothing into something different. Last week I dropped off some old black velveteen pants and another pair of brown corduroy pants that she turned into shorts with fringe. SHORTS WITH FRINGE. They either would have sat in my closet for additional years or I would have eventually donated them, but for $25 I have a completely new article of clothing that is wwwaaay more interesting than what it started off as. Yes, you heard correctly. $25. Most of her alterations are in that range, but will vary depending on the type of material and time spent on the piece. No matter what I have had her fix up, the price has always been very reasonable and the quality of work is fantastic.

Stop by Atomica and get inspired!

If you're interested in having her give new life to old clothes, feel free to call Atomica at 541 488 0386 or email her at Fashion.McGyver@gmail.com and she'd be more than happy to discuss options and pricing.

photos by Jeny Lee
post by Amanda

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Go-Go in Gomax!

You know, I love me a fancy shoe. I really do. I love the smell of the new leather. I love the joy of trying on my new shoes with different outfits while listening to ridiculously girly music. I love the jealousy in my friend's eyes when they realize that their footwear collection is no match to mine, and that I am cooler, smarter, and clearly more awesome than they are. (Wink!)BUT, there is no need to invest in shoes that you know you are going to wreck. I mean, it's smart to buy inexpensive sunglasses to take on your camping trips, because lord knows that you'd probably lose your expensive Prada sunglasses while quading through the woods in a bikini. Would you bring expensive sandals with you on that same camping trip? Do you really want to hose down your favorite summer shoes? Probably not, and that's why we like to keep fun, inexpensive sandals in stock that you won't feel guilty wearing to death. Gomax makes adorable, non-leather sandals for $29 that can be worn with just about anything. They are casual enough to wear with a tank top and shorts, yet nice enough to wear with a cute little summer dress. During the warmer months I typically wear flip flops that are no ifs, ands, or buts, casual. That being said, it's nice to have a sandal on hand that can make any outfit not too casual.

Pick up a pair before they're gone. Not many can pass up a cute sandal for $29, so they'll go quickly!

post by Amanda