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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Happenings at Village Shoes

Things have been picking up in Ashland and we're pretty darn excited.  We're really looking forward to our Maya Moon event and we're also gettin' giddy over the upcoming summertime craziness! 

Because everyone went ape over these things (including us), we decided to bring back these cute little leather bracelets this summer! $10? I'll take 2!

The Maya Moon trunk show is on July 10th between 12-3.  Make sure to tell your leather loving friends and fam about this event!

Sadly, we've had to become one of those businesses that ask you to leave your drink near the door.  One spill, no joke, could seriously destroy major inventory, so we had to do it!

Yay for festive socks! As many of you know, our socks go quickly...get at 'em!

Holy s*#t! Eric Michael boots for Fall of 2012 have already arrived?! What's even more surprising is that summer has yet to hit hard and we're already selling out of sizes. It's NEVER too soon (or too hot) to buy boots!

These Sasha London heels, and the Poetic Licence wedge in the back have been surprise hits!

Hooray for restocked Leaders in Leather inventory!

post by Amanda
photos by Halle

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is coming up, and I decided to hunt down some unique (and mostly affordable) gifts that most Dads would love.

You're welcome!

What Dad doesn't enjoy a good burger?  What Dad wouldn't enjoy creating a STUFFED burger? $14.95 Williams Sonoma

Man-dles! I'm happy to see Yankee Candles came to their senses and created candles that don't smell like grandma's bad perfume. $27.99 Yankee Candle

 Uhhh...WANT! This would make for an awesome business card holder as well.  $45 Slim Timber

...for when you don't want to worry about Dad being able to start that fire when he insisted on taking the fam camping despite the weather forecast predicting/guaranteeing rain. $72 Amazon

I dunno, guys...I mean, I think every man should own a fancy yet rugged boot.  If your dad doesn't already own a pair or something like this, be a doll and make it happen.  For his sake. $279 Village Shoes

Bacon Olive Oil.  BACON OLIVE OIL. $14.99 Queen Creek Olive Mill

So, I'm fully aware that nobody will probably ever buy this for their dad, or for anyone probably, like, ever, but I'd just like everyone to know that this is something one could purchase if one decided they or a very, very, very special person (like myself) needed an animatronic triceratops...an ANIMATRONIC TRICERATOPS! $350,000 Hammacher Schlemmer 

I hope someone finds this useful...and by "someone" I mean "my mother," and by "useful," I mean, "buy me the animatronic triceratops for my birthday. Thanks, I love you."

On a serious note, I hope everyone makes sure their dad knows he's appreciated this Father's Day.  Love you, Dad!

Post by Amanda
Images via Uncrate

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Halle and Amanda: Doing It Casually

Halle and I decided to throw some casual looks together perfect for this spring, however they can easily transition into Fall as the weather cools down.
Pictured above:  Twilight & Filigree necklace, Queen Bead Jewelry earrings, Leaders in Leather 1110 Shoulder Bag, Frye Maggie Perf Wingtip  

What do you think about the looks we picked out? What kind of outfits would you wear with each one? Halle is all about the first look with the Frye shoe and Leaders in Leather handbag and would wear it with some boot-cut jeans and some sort of western, button up blouse.  I totally dig the last look and would wear it with some dark wash, cuffed skinny jeans and a sheer white blouse with a cami underneath.

You know, we love it when our customers bring in an outfit for us to accessorize.  Next time you're in, bring an ensemble that you've had trouble pairing with shoes and extra goodies, and let us do the work for you...it's kinda our job and we've been told we're crazy good at it.  You can judge for yourself.

post by Amanda
photos by Halle