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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Fluevogs Are Here!

Easter is more than chocolate eggs and bunnies...

Ida Clark: In 1882 Ida Clark, then 30 years old and single, decided it was time to leave Deadwood South Dakota. After many years in the business, "golden haired and ravishing" Ida caught the morning train and disappeared forever, leaving behind a legend of firehouse balls, suspicious murders, and a missing trunk full of money and stolen jewelry. Using soft dusty pastel leathers on a 3" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite
Bellevue sole, this ankle bootie is already legendary. $269

Sally Skull: Known throughout the Wild West as a sharp shootin', horse stealin', muleskinnin' cusser, there has hardly been a woman in Texan history so foul-mouthed, so feared, so insiduous as Sally Skull. When she encountered an outlaw who was talking behind her back, Sally muttered the now infamous jib "So you been talkin' about me? Well, dance, you son of a bitch!" and began blasting away at his boots with her six-shooters. Perhaps she was most feared by her four husbands, all of whom met with a tragic fate by Sally's quick trigger. Sally Skull was finally done in by husband number five, 22 years her younger, who buried Sally in a shallow grave after inheriting her estate. Using soft dusty pastel leathers with diamond and teardrop cut-out detailing, on a 3" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, this lace-up slingback is sure to give
you what's coming to you. $255

Eureka: Eureka, the Gold Rush city on the Northern Californian coast, was given its name after a Greek word meaning "I have found it!" Leftovers of its boom can be seen in its Redwood Victorian architecture, or from the smell of Gold in the air. Combining style and comfort, this Mary Jane features patterned stitching, and leather wrapped 2.5" wedge heels in a finish reminiscent of sun bleached grass. Perfect for any treasured outfit, the Eureka brings Californian Gold right to your feet. $245

CBC Radios: True to his Canadian roots, John broadcasts the first style in the updated Radio family. Featuring a teal/royal blue splash of color on the heel, an upturned toe, a wider footbed, and a tunite heel & sole, the CBC is the new feelgood hit of the summer.
Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out! $179

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring... Oh How We Love It!