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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Saddle Soap: Leather's Secret Weapon

Let’s shed the winter grime!
What should I use to clean and protect my leather products?

Especially in winter, it’s easy to find yourself making your favorite boots your daily wear to protect from the cold and precipitation. There are plenty of harsh things about winter that can destroy leather. Snow, cold, and salt are all leather boots’ worst enemies.

I think at times it is easy for us to forget that leather is both figuratively and literally skin. To make sure your boot stands the test of time, it’s important that you protect it.
Penguin Saddle Soap is the best product you can use to clean and protect your leather for the long haul. Saddle soap removes excess dirt, grime and salt stains. It also buffs out scratches and makes your leather soft and supple to the touch. 
 You can see here from our demonstration how the process actually works...

Remove excess dirt and dried mud with a stiff bush or damp cloth. Work up a lather with a clean, damp cloth and rub well into leather. Repeat if necessary. 

 Work the Saddle soap into the leather in a circular motion. When dry, buff with a clean, soft, dry cloth to develop lustre. Do not use on suede or nubuck.

If you feel like some areas are more heavily soiled after your first application, you can repeat in those specific areas.  

 Viola, just like new!
(Demonstration done on left boot only)

- post  and photos by Kacie Clark

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is coming up, as always, it's the perfect opportunity to make our moms feel as special as they truly are. If you happen to be short on ideas for a great gift for mom, look no further! I found cool items from Anthropologie, Target, Uncommon Goods, and other online stores that are totally mom (and budget) friendly. Check it out:

Plan a picnic for your mom and surprise her with this nifty Picnic Beverage Stake! No more worrying about setting your glass down on uneven ground. (Pottery Barn $19)

 What mom wouldn't love these Kiran Luster Loungers? Perfect for enjoying tea on the patio. (Anthropologie $68)
Look! It's a giant outdoor bowl stand thingie! It's for chips! Okay, okay, it's a Canterbury Stake Planter. Get mom a couple of sets and some flowers, and line a walkway with them! (Target 2 for $37.19)

Help mom organize her favorite lipstick colors with the Vestige Lipstick Holder. Help yourself while you're at it! To take this gift to the next level, pick out 6 colors from her favorite make-up line that you know she'll love. (Anthropologie $28)

Make your mom feel extra pretty while getting ready in this Blushed Rosebed Robe. (Anthropologie $88)

This one of a kind pendant features hand an antique watch face with a mini painting of blooming purple flowers! (Village Shoes Apoidea Projects $129)

Your mom will love this stoneware Farmers Market Basket that's perfect for serving fruits and veggies when entertaining! (Anthropologie $20)

This merino wool/cashmere blend Sweater Cape will keep your mom warm on a cool summer night. (Garnet Hill $188)

This lightweight Gauzy Cotton Blanket by Eillen Fisher is a "fabulous lite weight blanket that will be perfect when the temps of summer finally arrive. Perfect for those of us that just like to have something over us on those warm summer nights." (Garnet Hill $98-$198)

Help turn your mom's yard into a Moroccan paradise with these fun Casablanca Lanterns! The design will make for a pretty shadow play as well! (Z Gallerie $7.95-$45.95)

How pretty is this Jellyfish Necklace? "Enchanting and unexpected, this elegant recycled sterling silver jellyfish is hand cast from a tiny sea urchin shell and accented by a cluster of 23 tranquil apatite stones. Handmade in Hawaii by artist Catherine Weitzman." (Uncommon Goods $85)

Help mom eat comfortably anywhere with this cool Ooma Bowl! (Uncommon Goods $25)

Wine Pairing Towels? Mom will love knowing what works with what in a flash! Two towels- one for red wine and the other for white. (Uncommon Goods $25)

Which item do you think your mom would like? You know your mom best, so pick something out that's her style, unique, and perhaps something fun she'd never think to buy for herself. If purchasing a gift isn't an option, a pretty card works too. Oh, and of course a Village Shoes gift certificate makes an awesome gift as well.

Happy Mother's Day!

post by Amanda