Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Did you Scarf? - A Village give away!

Well Hi there, How are all my favorite shoe fiends... I mean friends. (Did write that out loud?) ooops my bad.

Did ya'll have a good Thanksgiving? I sure did. My Frank and I spent the day with our adopted Grandma. We adopted her, she didn't have much say in the matter. :-) Couldn't have asked for better, we had plenty of turkey, pie and all the trimmings. Even a good old fashioned sing along after dinner with grandma playing the piano.

I often feel that Thanksgiving is a forgotten day stuck between the two commercial bookends of Halloween and Christmas. We all have so much to be thankful for, and we rarely have the time or capacity to reflect on all the blessing and bounty we have all received . Just think how amazing it is that if we need power or water or food, all we have to do is flick a switch, turn a knob, or open the fridge. How much of the world can't do those things??

OK..I'm done (climbing off soapbox) I'll leave the philosophy to those who do it best, and get right down to brass tacks here....sooo...did you scarf?? Yes I mean the dinner but also the whole accessory as verb thing too....Do you scarf? (waggling eyebrows)...

I love to scarf, and especially those pretty, filmy, light but lofty warm things that can be wrought into almost any imaginable combination of neck warmer, tube collar, shawl, hood, and downright fashion necessity! And here at Village shoes we couldn't imagine leaving our diligent readers without such a must during this chilly time of year! So we are having a Scarf Give-away!

Love this one! It's gorgeous....crinkly soft dark brown with just a touch of adventure in the form of tiger/zebra stripes. (I can never tell the difference...they might as well be Zegras, or Tibers) All I know is they gave the fashion industry the pattern of the century! Look at what all you can do. Here's a peek.

Here's a few ways to wear your great scarf!

Grace Kelly! Do your best imitation of Hollywood royalty, fresh from a coastal drive with the top down. Lay the scarf out full width and drape over your lovely locks, making sure to snugly wrap the ends around your neck, and over your shoulders. Voila, a hair-do protector, and just enough warmth to prevent your ears from freezing.

It's Freezing Outside! When it's just too cold for words, double your scarf lengthwise and wrap it around your neck, tucking the ends through the loop you've created from the other end. It's double the love!

Shawl time. Simple, obvious, but always sheik. Wrap your scarf around your shoulders, tossing one or both ends over your shoulders. This works great for drafty offices, cool evenings, or just because you love making a fashion statement. Wear gold hoop earrings for the final crowning touch.

Wrap me up. Simple, but effective for keeping your lovely long neck from irritating glacial drafts. Drape your scarf around your neck with one side about twice as long as the other, take the long end and give it a good swinging toss back around your neck. You should end up with a double wrap around your neck and two shorter ends gracing your front shoulders. Tah-Dah...

So all I need from you lovely lot, to enter this give-away is this: What is it that your most thankful for right now?? That's right I need to know! I have an inquiring mind...and you have some soul searching to do. :-) Even if you've had a horrible year, nothing went your way, and all your shoes were eaten by packs of rabid wolves...you probably have at least one thing in your life you're thankful for.

We'll leave this give-away up for a week from the post date, and announce the winner (chosen at random) at the top of this entry. So come on folks, enter by leaving a comment below. We can't wait to give this beautiful scarf a new home....

now excuse me...there's some leftover pie in the fridge that's calling to me. I...must scarf.



Douglas said...

I'm thankful that Obama won the election. It will be interesting to see what happens with a president who doesn't make me cringe every time he speaks.
and pizza. I looooove pizza.

Village Shoes said...

Douglas! Congratulations you won our scarf Give-a-way. Email me at info@village-shoes.com with your personal information and I'll get it mailed to you right away.

Thanks for participating.

Village Shoes