Monday, October 20, 2008

Bastad Clogs - Over 100 Years of Tradition

For over 100 years, the community of Bästad has been known for its hand production of quality wooden clogs. August Johanssen, in 1907, invented a "better" and more comfortable rendition of the old wooden shoe. His new techniques of orthopedic carving of the alder wood and lasting the leather uppers, revolutionized the clog business.
Swedish comfort brings you the latest styles and highest quality footwear from Sweden.

Why make a wood clog?

Wood is the ultimate substrate for contour formation and continuance. Orthopedists create insoles and orthodics out of material that does not compress, twist or lose it’s integrity. Wood has all of these properties and more.

Your foot is made up of many, many different bones, muscles and tendons that are under hundreds of pounds per square inch of pressure and stress. This tremendous pressure creates fatigue that is transmitted through your lower extremities. We believe if we can support your feet properly, this fatigue is minimized.

What feels soft and supportive can be a fleeting sensation that is soon replaced with discomfort and possible injury. Wood has an ultimate memory; it does not move. Your foot goes back to the same position, step after step.

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