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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh Yes, The Gladiator Sandal Is Relevant!

Bring out your inner Greek Goddess in the Relevant gladiator sandal by Pazzo. Simply elegant without being over the top, these comfy summer sizzlers will add just the right touch to your spring/summer wardrobe. Back again this year by popular demand, grab yourself a pair before they're gone!

Only $44 at village-shoes.com

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sparkling Jewelry On The Street...

Adorn yourself this spring with beautiful semi-precious stones!

Beautiful together and on their own.

Or have fun with costume rings in fabulous styles!

All Jewelry Shown Available In-Store Only

Labradorite Necklace: Doris Jewelry $74
Labradorite Earrings: Doris Jewelry $64
Green Faceted Jewel Ring: E &M Jewelry $17
Black Jeweled Plastic Ring: E &M Jewelry $18

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Platforms: They're Not Just For Glamour Girls Anymore

Platforms aren't just for glamour girls anymore. Once upon a time you had to be daring and embrace the outrageous to hit the streets in platforms. Talk about hard to walk in too. Most of them are ankle breakers. I used to think that platforms were destined to belong to cat-walk beauties and luscious bomb-shells who could stride around all day looking chic and elegant in these weapons of mass destruction.

Well not any more ladies! Today, platforms come in a variety of choices suited for the more conservative woman. Take this Espadrille by Eric Michael for example. A 3/4" platform allows for a more moderate version of an old favorite. Style and comfort prevail in this versatile summer shoe.

Only $89 at village-shoes.com

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

be.ology - the art of be.ing

Words are thoughts in action and every thought has an energy to it. Why not make your energy positive, meaningful, and even helpful?

be.ology was created by lifelong friends, Linda and Ali, to fulfill a common hope of theirs since childhood: to make the world a better place. Through the spreading of positive thoughts, words, and energy they hope to initiate a movement of compassion, acceptance, and empowerment. Being your best, accepting who you are, hoping for the best of others, and seeing good in all places is be.ology – the art of be.ing

be.ology messenger bag only $42 at village-shoes.com

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jelly Sun Sandals - The Hottest Summer Trend!

Nothing brings back the memory of my childhood days like thinking about Jelly's. I had to have a pair. Mine were pink. I loved that I could see my toes through my shoes. I felt like a princess when I wore them.

I'm happy to say that modern jelly sandals are much more fashionable and comfortable. Our Grendha Sun Sandal is our fastest selling, hottest summer trend this season. Sexy, comfortable and affordable they are flying off the shelves.

We just brought in a new color: bronze! So spray on the fake tan, roll up your skirts and get out there in a brand new pair of jellies! The 80's are back baby.

Only $29 at village-shoes.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Perfect Black Flats!

Most of us spend our time looking for the perfect pair of black flats to sustain our fashion needs. We want something practical, comfortable and sassy enough to keep us looking sexy without breaking the bank.

We searched high and low, and now we have found them! Mia Shoes Hepburn is an adorable black flat in smooth leather with a slightly padded foot bed for all day comfort. Made in Brazil. The perfect basic accessory for every girls wardrobe. Only $59 at village-shoes.com

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black and White: A Perfect Match

With spring upon us, beautiful colors are appearing everywhere: on blooming trees, dyed Easter eggs, and, of course, shoes.

But never fear, for timeless black and white combinations do not need to be tucked away in order to make room for these new, beautiful colors of spring.

In every shape- from sexy cut-out heels to sweet flats- this classic combination looks better than ever!!

After all, black and white combinations will never go out of style. They are far too classic and effortlessly versatile. You can easily make a black and white outfit cute and flirty with a sweet pair of black flats, or playful and sexy with a cut-out high heel (exquisite red-hot lipstick optional).

So if the colors of spring aren't quite your style, then perhaps black and white are right up your alley. Pastels are not, by any means, a requirement for spring-- unless you love them!

After all, in fashion, there is only one rule: There are no rules!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Black Mary-Jane: Fidji B407
Beige Cut-Out Pump: Fidji B448
Black and White Pump: John Fluevog Zaza
Hand-Drawn Heels: H. Riddlebarger "Kitty Cat"
Cut-Out Heel: Carlos Santana "Ultra"

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Calling All Fluevog Lovers! The Zaza Is Here

For all of you who have been patiently waiting... the time has come! The Zaza in black and ivory is here! Don't delay - grab your size today.

Named for and designed by San Franciscan Samantha Zaza for John’s Open Source Footwear Program. Built upon the Fluevog classic Mini heel, this spats inspired wide strap with three cutesy buttons attached by elastic is sure to fit all shapes of feet. Samantha’s design made John stand up and take notice, and he declared her design an OSF "Chosen" design. We hope you are as excited as John is.

Shop Now! Only $239 at village-shoes.com

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Put Some Spring in Your Step...

At long last, we believe it is safe to announce that spring is finally here!

Now while we (Alex and Kerry) usually love the timeless look of black-and-white combinations, the warm weather seems to at last be pulling us out of our comfort zones.

Although black-and-white will always remain a classic look, we also understand the important contribution that color can give an outfit-- especially when that color is presented in a beautiful heel by some of our favorite shoe designers!

Would you like to tone down a girly dress? Try adding a green and blue hued high heel. Would you like to complement a multi-colored floral dress? A beautiful purple pump may be just the thing.

There is no need to shy away from bright colors any longer! No matter what you would like to wear, colorful hues can easily help you and your wardrobe make an effortless transition into spring and summer.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Polka-Dot Dress: The Gap
Blue/Green Heels: Mariana by Golc

Floral Dress: Loco Lindo
Purple Heels: Fidji

Blue/Red Heels: John Fluevog Robusta

Orange/White Pumps: John Fluevog Fiorenza

Friday, April 03, 2009

On the Street...

On display, the Faryl Robin "Omni" boot is impeccably chic, shiny, and all-around desirable.

But, when seeing a shoe on display, one always wonders, "Yes... but what will I actually wear it with?"

Here, our fellow Village darling Kerry shows us just how sexy the "Omni" can be. Worn against a black-and-white palate, the "Omni" boot is incredibly wearable and extremely hot. A black skinny jean easily tucks into this tall boot, adding an amazing elongating effect to any pair of legs.

Today, Kerry brought out the Rock n' Roll in the "Omni" boot, but the great thing about this boot is that it can easily translate into any look- from a Western-inspired sun dress to a boot cut jean.

Today we definitely learned that when it comes to wearing the "Omni" boot, the sky is the limit!

Necklace: Kerry Alonzo Jewelry
Vest: Freeflight Clothing by Ariel Will
Boots: Faryl Robin "Omni" (Limited Sizes Available)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Groundhog Footwear - Reducing The Global Footprint

Groundhog has a goal of "reducing our global footprint" with their environmentally friendly footwear. This is achieved through all aspects of the company: recycled and sustainable materials, construction, packaging, shipping, and business practices.

- Buckles, buttons and ornaments are made from coconut shells, wood and tree resins.
- Soles made with natural cork mixed with natural latex, not only organic but also biodegradable.
- All packaging is made from recycled fibers including tissue wrap and no bleach was used.
- Leather uppers are semi-vegetable oil tanned reducing the chemical content which is better for the environment.

*For more information about Groundhog Footwear you can visit their website:

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Swimming Fish - Custom Art Shoes

Want a pair of shoes made just for you? Swimming Fish is another unbelievable pair by Pen-and-ink artist Halle Riddlebarger whose hand drawn shoes are a must have for any shoe aficionado.

Size 6 1/2 only $259 village-shoes.com