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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The MBT Revolution Is Here!


The key to MBT is its patented sole construction. The Shank, PU Midsole with its balancing area.

The Masai Sensor creates a soft surface that is akin to walking barefoot on springy moss or on a sandy beach.

This creates a natural instability underfoot, which activates the supporting muscle system and has positive effects on the entire body.


MBT is totally different:

Its sole is curved, not flat.

It is unstable, not stable.

It activates your muscles instead of undermining them.

It has a positive effect on the entire body, not just the feet.

In other words:

It is the antitheses of a shoe. It is the anti-shoe.

New Spring Styles are available online at village-shoes.com.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chocolate Tasting at 3pm on Feb. 7th

Join us for a Chocolate Tasting at 3pm on Feb. 7th Free and Open to the public. Enjoy fine chocolate from around the world. If you love shoes and you love chocolate, and let's face it... we know you do, come by and help us celebrate the season.

All who participate will have a chance to enter a drawing to win a beautiful Flower Bouquet from Enchanted Florist.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Fitflop Is Here! What's It All About?


  1. FitFlop midsoles incorporate patent-pending micro-wobbleboardTM technology, to give you a workout while you walk. Developed by Darren James and Dr David Cook at LSBU, the FitFlop's unique safely -tapered midsole places varying densities of EVA under your feet each time you step, to challenge the support and balance muscles of the foot and leg.
  2. They challenge hard to reach muscles more. FitFlops are engineered with a multi-density midsole that stimulates your muscles more while you're wearing them. In independent University testing, FitFlops have been shown to trigger increase gluteal muscle response, increased hamstring response, increase rectus femoris (thigh) response and increased calf muscle response .
  3. Every step you take in your FitFlops helps tone and trim your legs: Studies at Salford University by Dr. Philip Graham-Smith and Richard Jones have shown that the FitFlop midsole extends the amount of time that the slow twitch* muscles are engaged during each step (by approximately 10-12%). So just by wearing a pair of FitFlops you'll get more exercise while doing just exactly what you're normally doing. (*slow twitch muscles produce energy by converting fats into energy aerobically)
  4. FitFlops work your bum muscles more. FitFlops have been proven to increase the amount of time that the gluteus maximus muscle is 'activated' during every single step.
  5. FitFlops have been shown to have a significant effect on the toning muscles of your thighs: The rectus femoris muscle (one of the large muscles in the group of muscles in your thigh) is activated for a longer period of time while walking in FitFlops than while normally shod or barefoot .
  6. Walking in FitFlops is like walking barefoot, but a little bit better. According to a study done at the University of Salford in Manchester, UK, the FitFlop wearer's gait is very similar to that of a barefoot walker, but the added cushion provided by the EVA midsole helps reduce joint strain and absorb shock. In fact, several FitFlop wearers have already reported relief from back pain after a few days of wearing them.
  7. FitFlops make it easier to stay in shape. Just throw them on while you're running errands, walking to work, or working around your house. Most first-time FitFlop wearers report feeling their muscles working more, while 'fitter' wearers feedback has been more toward great comfort and cushion. One woman reported feeling like she'd had a 'bum-blasting' workout after a half an hour of FitFlop-shod walking.
Available now at village-shoes.com Only $49.99 - $59.99

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's Your Pledge?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Enter To Win A Free Pair Of MBT Shoes!

It's 2009, the New Year and so many of us aspire to make resolutions that seem to just fall away eventually. The most important thing we can do is take care of ourselves. Eat right and exercise is the age old motto. This year we want to help you make that heppen. Join us in celebrating health and fitness! Enter our MBT Give-A-Way Challenge and Win A Free pair of MBT Shoes!

MBT would like to help people all over the world lead healthier and better lives. Because it is scientifically proven that our health (physical and mental) is significantly influenced by the way we walk and our footwear choices, MBT strives to make walking better with less impact on our bodies... which allows for more impact on our imagination and spirits.

Place any order online at Village Shoes with a comment on Why You Walk, make a purchase in-store or sign up for solemates now through February 5th and you'll automatically be entered. It's that simple!

Enter to win! One lucky winner will receive a Free Pair of MBT's this spring! Join our challenge and live a healthier and more active life!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Remember The Moon Boot?

Ahhh, nostalgia is a curious and funny thing. Who remembers Moon Boots? I do. I had to have a pair when I was a kid. That ages me I know, but it's true. They were actually really great to be out in the snow all day long. I grew up in New York and as every East-Coaster can attest to, the snow dumps down.

What a wonderful thing it was when you heard those fabulous words early in the morning before school: Schools Closed! It's A Snow Day.

What joy! Four fresh feet of pure white snow. In my neighborhood we'd spend all day Sled riding. A warm pair of Moon Boots were a must if you were going to do that kind of time outside.

If you're lucky enough to be a size 7.5 you can snap up these beauties for
Only $24 from sophistikate at esty.com

Thanks for listening. Post by Stacey

Come What May

Studio Mela

Hand made art that has captured my spirit! There are so many pieces I like I can't just pick one... but I think this one might just be my favorite. Whimsical and happy these prints are a great way to ad art into your life without breaking the bank.

"Come What May" is a Limited Edition 8x10 print of an original ink illustration and mixed media piece. I love this body of work!
Only $20 at etsy.com

Happy New Year! It's 2009 and I can't believe another year has flown by. This year I encourage everyone to live your best life, as Oprah would say. Do the things today that you're always putting off until tomorrow. Make a resolution that will actually stick. That's my goal for this coming year. My resolution is to take care of myself. Eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water and keep a positive attitude.

What's your 2009 resolution?
We'd love to hear from you.

Post by Stacey