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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dreamy Escapes...

I love dreaming of far away places to escape to and one day, God willing I hope to be able to travel more and experience the beauty of the world around us... until then I'll stay inspired by some of the great finds on the internet like these two places I found on Miss Moss Blog.

- Post by Stacey

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brazil's Sizzling Colors for Spring...

Add a splash of color to your spring wardrobe with sizzling hot styles by Mariana by GOLC! Whether you're a working woman on the go or simply someone whose looking for a comfortable dress shoe, these two styles are some of our favorites. You'll be amazed by how soft and luxurious the leathers feel against your skin. Made in Brazil. Shop Now!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sandal-ous Recipes from the Shoe Chefs!

The newest arrival from Matisse has us quite inspired here at Village Shoes! A lot of our accessories and handbags seem to compliment these beauties extremely well. When Jen and I first laid eyes on these three, we instantly began talking about what clothes we have hanging in our closets that would look amazing combined with these shoes and other goodies we have in our store. Luckily, we thought to take pictures of what we picked out from our store to match the heels, and want to share the scrumptious ideas we cooked up!

Mix well, and top it all off with 2-3 of your favorite martinis and a dash of sass!

We like this delicious outfit blended with whipped cream on top!

Enjoy this sweet and earthy concoction with your spring fling!

- Post by Amanda and Jen

Monday, March 14, 2011

El Naturalista's 8 Hour Shoe!

Being an employee at Village Shoes requires: A. wearing our adorable footwear and B. wearing them while running up and down stairs and standing all day! It was a sad day when I realized that my 4 inch platform pumps weren’t the ideal shoe for my line of work. Thus far, I have slowly built up my Village Shoes collection and have categorized them by work-shift length: 8 hours vs. 4 hours. Classifying a shoe using the 8 or 4 hour method is something we shop girls like to use to know whether or not we should bring a pair of back-up shoes along depending on how long we’ll be at work that day.

My black Simple Carat tennis shoes I can comfortably wear throughout the duration of my 8 hour shift which is to be expected considering they have a super padded foot-bed and a recycled tire-tread outsole. I find that they’re a lovely vegan alternative to a more traditional sneaker.

Although El Naturalista’s N763 Dome pump has a 3 inch heel, I felt sweet relief when I tried them on for the first time after wearing a pair of (non-Village Shoes) boots all day. These gorgeous pumps have an incredibly comfortable insole and a hidden platform that makes you feel as if you’re walking on a bed of pillows while giving you the height of a higher heel. The round toe on the pump allows your toes to relax and lay naturally in the shoe. These heels were designed so well and feel so comfortable, my co-workers and I have decided that the N763 Dome pump is worth every penny, and in my opinion is an 8 hour shoe. Who doesn’t want a sexy, yet functional shoe?

A great example of a 4 hour shoe would be Mariana by GOLC’s Samantha dress shoe. We have noticed that this is a favorite of local dancers because it’s sexy enough to wear with a beautiful cocktail dress, practical with its 2 ¾ inch heel, and has a smooth bottom which gives you the look and function you want without compromising your dance floor twirls. On the other hand, a co-worker of mine, Jen, wears hers to work when the weather’s nice and has no problem running around all day. Some of us are braver than others!

If you’re a busy lady who runs around all day, or works on your feet, you’ll find that you can look in your closet and classify your shoes in the same way. We all have shoes that we can tango all day in, and some we only sashay in for about 5 hours until we wish we threw some flats in our purse before we left home for the day. I’m a lucky girl to be able to work at a shoe boutique that carries shoes that can meet everyone’s needs (including mine)!

- Post by Amanda

Friday, March 04, 2011

The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary - A safe haven for abused, neglected and abandoned exotic animals.

The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary (OTS) is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of exotic and endangered species. Created as a safe haven for abused, neglected and abandoned exotic animals, OTS provides a permanent and loving home to many species including tigers, lions, black leopards, cougars, a wide variety of primates as well as numerous domestic dogs and cats. OTS is also dedicated to educating the human species about the endangered ones of our planet and the issues they face in captivity and in the wild.

In December of 2010, Village Shoes donated to help in the rescue of Atti, a lioness in desperate need of a new home. See how she is doing today!

OTS has been recognized by the USDA as a model animal rescue facility with over twelve full time volunteers on staff. Today the Sanctuary is devoted to its vision of a world where animals are treated with respect and its Mission is to provide a safe and loving home for the animals in our care and to stop the flow of animals needing sanctuary by educating the public about the plight of these animals and supporting stronger laws to protect them.

Join us in our efforts to support and help this incredible foundation continue to care for and feed these precious animals.

Ways you can help: There are many ways to contribute to the rescue and care of Exotic Animals at the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary. Please include OTS in your gift giving and generous support. The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary is a federally registered 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation and as such your contributions may be tax deductible. To find out more you can contact them directly at the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary.

All contributions (100%) to the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary are used for the rescue and care of its wild animal residents.