Tuesday, March 06, 2012


A couple of years ago on July 4th, I became friends with Jeny Lee. We met at a friend's cabin at Lake of the Woods and I have been extremely jealous of her sense of style ever since. This girl would be able to make a burlap sack look stylish, which makes it appropriate for her to have a clothing store located on Lithia Way (next to Cafe 116), that sells a little bit of everything, but primarily clothing. For sale, there's Jeny's art hanging on the walls, there're clothes hanging from racks, there's furniture, jewelry designed by herself and other local artists, novelty gifts...I mean, seriously, a little bit of everything. The walls are painted electric hot pink and the space is modest in size, but you can spend a good hour or so looking around to make sure you don't miss anything.

Also, Jeny's loyal companion, the beautiful Princess Keira B, is worth stopping by for if you aren't interested in shopping. Her dog is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. (Jeny, I am going to steal your dog. Sry.)

Jeny taught herself how to sew when she was a kid using her grandmother's old sewing machine and became expert enough to begin making a lot of her own clothes in high school. In 2008 she had the opportunity to buy Atomica from the previous owner and not only continued to do retail, but opened her doors to customers looking to have clothes altered or up-cycled. Recently I have been in there multiple times to purchase some of Jeny's up-cycled clothing designs. She takes old skirts, pants, and shirts, and cuts and sews them into something completely different than what they started off as. I recently bought a high-waisted floral print skirt that she altered to have a tail hem, or as Jeny and I like to call it, "party in the front, business in the back."

Obviously I knew that clothes can be altered, however it never dawned on me that you can just completely change an article of clothing into something different. Last week I dropped off some old black velveteen pants and another pair of brown corduroy pants that she turned into shorts with fringe. SHORTS WITH FRINGE. They either would have sat in my closet for additional years or I would have eventually donated them, but for $25 I have a completely new article of clothing that is wwwaaay more interesting than what it started off as. Yes, you heard correctly. $25. Most of her alterations are in that range, but will vary depending on the type of material and time spent on the piece. No matter what I have had her fix up, the price has always been very reasonable and the quality of work is fantastic.

Stop by Atomica and get inspired!

If you're interested in having her give new life to old clothes, feel free to call Atomica at 541 488 0386 or email her at Fashion.McGyver@gmail.com and she'd be more than happy to discuss options and pricing.

photos by Jeny Lee
post by Amanda