Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter Shminter

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is walk over to my windows and open the blinds to see what kind of weather I’m dealing with for the day. During the summer I scowl because everyone I see walking around looks sweaty. During the winter I cringe when I see that people are wearing a gazillion layers. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m such a scrooge when it comes to weather and I’ll tell you why: I’m a Southern Californian. I was born and raised in Long Beach and we had no weather. None. Not ever. Sure, some days I’d have to wear a jacket with my shorts, but overall, it was just consistently nice outside. Now that I’m a Southern Oregonian and actually have to experience REAL seasonal changes and the weather that’s normal for those seasons, I’ve had a hard time adjusting to the weather and adjusting my attitude. I decided this winter that I need to work on embracing the crisp air by using a mental approach rather than bundling up…

First off, I decided that at least once a week I’m going to put on a bathing suit and turn the heat up in my house. I mean, really let it blast until I’m uncomfortable and then walk around complaining about how hot it is. I’ll go about my house chores, and eventually I’m bound to forget that it is actually 30 degrees outside.

Another thing that I’m going to do is continue eating frozen yogurt and ice cream. They say that smells and tastes spark memories, so I figure if I taste the same frozen yogurt and ice cream flavors that I insisted eating multiple times a day this summer, I’m bound to be transported back to a day where I insisted on complaining endlessly about how freaking hot it was. I’ll also plan on wearing sunblock throughout the winter, which will send me back to warmer times powered by the scent of summer.

I’m hoping these mind tricks will work, and if they don’t, well, I guess a future blog will be about my extreme concern of losing toes to frost bite this winter.

Wish me luck.

post by Amanda