Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Should You Support Small Business and Shop Local?

With all the recent political battles consumers are hearing a lot about supporting small independent business, "Shop Local" is becoming as popular as "Green is the new Black." Have you ever asked yourself why? Why is it so important? Does it really matter whether you take that stand? The answer is YES!!! Do you know how spending your money at a small business supports and directly affects your local community? During the last few years the retail climate has been challenging for consumers and businesses everywhere. As the price of goods get more and more expensive and people's budgets get tighter and tighter everyone starts to feel the strain. If you already support local and small business do you ever wonder how big of an impact that actually makes? I'm going to use Village Shoes as an example of the impact your spending has.

Here at Village Shoes we have 5 employees, all of whom have been able to maintained their jobs because of you, the consumer. When you spend your hard earned money in our store, you help keep us employed. In turn, we eat lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, buy our groceries in our local co-op, pay our rent, go to the movies, the theater, etc... which then supports all those people who work in those industries. Hopefully that local restaurant buys organic produce from a local farmer which then helps support sustainable organic living, which is better for the planet and our environment and improves the quality of life for future generations. It all has a ripple affect. When you think of it this way, your spending choices are hugely powerful in determining what kind of world we will live in and you make a big statement. The power is in your hands.

American Express has labeled November 26th as Small Business Saturday! They are issuing a $25 credit to those customers who go out and support a local small business and use their Amex on that day. Join the movement and take a stand for the kind of community you want to be a part of!

- Post by Stacey