Wednesday, November 23, 2011

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

It's safe to say I love scarves as much as I like shoes and mac n' cheese. I have a duffel bag in my closet filled with them that vary in size and color, but I seem to wear them all the same way. Another thing is that many of them seem too lightweight to wear during the fall and winter months, so their use is very limited. It turns out I just needed to watch a youtube video about how to wear scarves to make my lightweight scarves usable year round and to give me new ideas as to how to twist and turn that fabric around my bare neck.

Did you notice the 4th example? Notice how she used two lightweight scarves? Why didn't I ever think of doubling up on my scarves to give me extra warmth and an extra pattern or pop of color?

The 6th example made me realize most of my scarves could become an infinity scarf if I just tied the very ends together. WHO KNEW?!

Clearly this girl is craftier than I am even on my best day, but you know, I doubt she knows 25 ways to jazzy up Top Ramen.

post by Amanda