Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why They're Worth Every Penny: John Fluevog Shoes

Guide by John Fluevog $299

If you’ve ever been to Village Shoes, it’s easy to see (and feel) why some of our shoes have a higher price point. You’ll find that the majority of our shoes are made of quality leathers and are constructed by masterful artisans in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and even the US. When trying a shoe on, you’ll notice that they feel much different than the shoes you’ve most likely purchased in a department store. Sometimes people come into the store, run towards a shoe that caught their eye, and gasp when they flip it over to see the price. Yes, they’re expensive, and yes, they’re worth EVERY PENNY. The last time I was in an upscale department store, I did a little investigating and found that the majority of the shoes I picked up were the same price points as our shoes, but lacked the craftsmanship and quality by a long shot. I found it a bit surprising, but I reminded myself that when shoes are mass produced to that extent, they aren’t going to be made from the best leather or by the most skilled craftsman or…well…machines?

One line in our store that I’ve always been really impressed with is John Fluevog Shoes. Watch this video so we’re on the same page:

Crazy, right? That is what you’re paying for when you fall in love with one of his styles. You’re paying for a shoe made by an artist. His shoes are made from the best leathers in the world, and dyed using vegetables, which is 100% eco-friendly and doesn’t produce any toxic waste.  Of course, his shoes aren’t cheap. His shoes don’t retail for less than $200, and it’s completely understandable once you’re aware of what goes into making that shoe. If you’re wondering why such awesome shoes aren’t available in your favorite department store, how many of these shoes do you think his shoemakers can pump out? Not that many. We order our John Fluevog shoes about 6 months in advance because they’re made to order. These shoes have limited availability, so when I tell a customer to not wait too long to make up their mind on a purchase, I’m not pressuring, it’s just a matter of fact. A funny side note about handmade shoes is that we will have three size 8s of one shoe in stock and they all fit a little differently due to human error. One piece of leather could have been cut slightly smaller, creating a tighter fit, versus the next being cut a little outside the line making it looser. It’s not unusual for us to bring up multiple pairs in one size and let a customer pick what fits best.

Assured by John Fluevog $295

Another thing that makes John Fluevog shoes so worth the money are his designs! I love looking at his website. His shoes are truly little pieces of art. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’d wear all of his styles.  I think it takes a bad ass to pull off something like the Malibu and quite the confident woman to make a shoe from the Munster family work, but he truly has something for everyone regardless of your style.  I believe a lot can be said about someone’s personality based on the Fluevogs they wear.  I also believe that wearing Fluevogs gives you a bit of confidence, and that is why, above all else, they are majorly worth it.

To learn more about John Fluevog shoes and to browse his entire collection, visit Fluevog's site.

What Fluevogs do you have and what do they say about your personality? And most importantly, were they worth every penny? (If you say no, I'm going to hunt you down.)

post by Amanda

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