Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all roses and chocolates, ya know? Skip going overboard on the romance this year, and choose a gift that's practical and playful. Here's what I came up with...

Gift Ideas for Her:

This Spreading Landscape Throw from Anthropologie will add a fun pop of color to your home decor, and will be perfect for a snuggle session on a cold night. $168

A VS Gift Certificate is ALWAYS a fantastic gift!

How cute are these Dining Room Measuring Spoons? These would make for an adorable gift for a woman who loves to bake or likes tiny spoons. $24

Gift Ideas for Him:

Chances are your fella can use a new pair of shoes. The James Crepe Chukka by Frye is perfect for everyday casual wear. $248

This leather cardholder from Tanner Goods is perfect for business cards, or a few credit cards and some cash. The high quality leather will only get more interesting as it ages from handling. $65

"A swashbuckling Bourbon that requires a whip and a chair." Uh, sounds like any man (or woman!) could use a glass of Booker's Bourbon on a boring day. $50

Bonus Treats:

Custom made chopsticks make for a unique gift, huh? You don't have to go with engraved initials...maybe choose a risqué message instead! $20

If you truly love someone, you'd make sure their pizza leftovers have safe transportation. This Collapsible Pizza-To-Go Box ensures your honey's pizza slices remain unmangled, and un-fused by the time they're ready to enjoy it! $14

I had no idea highlighter pencils exist, but apparently they do. These Eco Highlighters come in a variety of colors and look...well, fun! Oh, and you can annoy your lover by writing them notes with them...strain their eyes like they (at times) strain your heart. $9

For the love of God, do not send your child to school with boxes of these Risqué Valentine Hearts to pass out to their classmates!! These hearts have messages like 'cute butt, beg 4 it, and strip 4 me,' which makes them, as advertised, shamefully delicious! $3

post by Amanda