Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unique Holiday Cookie Recipes

Plan on baking treats to gift to friends and family this month? It might be time to set aside your famous chocolate chip cookie recipe and give one of these unusual recipes a go...

Black Pepper and Balsamic Cookies

"Eat them with fresh strawberries for a perfect blend of flavors."

 Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

"It's the addition of ground chile that lends it its name -- and moves it into the adult cookie jar."

 Italian Polenta Cookies

"Use imported polenta, which is available in most Italian markets and specialty-food stores."

 Rosemary and Pignoli Cookies

"The cookie dough can be made and formed into logs ahead of time and frozen for up to 2 weeks. Thaw in refrigerator when ready to bake."

Savory Parmesan Shortbread Rounds

"Serving suggestion: with pre-dinner drinks or on a salami platter."

Jalapeno Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

"When you first bite into these, you won't taste the jalapeƱo, but after a few more bites and after you finish swallowing, you'll feel some heat linger around. It's a pretty neat feeling and taste."

 Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies (gluten and dairy free!)

"Now if you just can’t stand the idea of chocolate cookies tasting like avocado, don’t worry! You can’t taste it."

 Lemon Cilantro Cookies

"There’s a lot of cilantro in them, but it doesn’t really over power the cookies, it’s very subtle."

 Rosemary Lime Cookies (vegan, gluten & dairy free)

"The rosemary and lime in this cookie are wonderful together. Lime takes center stage and rosemary is just a subtle accent."

Curry Coriander Shorties

"The most intriguing and delicious recipe for cookies I've seen in ages!"

Pretty interesting, right? I'm dying to try some of the more savory recipes like the Parmesan Shortbread Rounds and the Lemon Cilantro cookies. What cookie recipes do you have in your arsenal that never fail to wow?

post by Amanda