Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

The holidays are quickly approaching and since last year I was a total doll and hooked you up with fantastic and affordable gift ideas for a special man in your life, I decided to do that again this year.

Send your man to his own little Valhalla with a Das Horn! I seriously can't think of a better way to consume mead $25
This is a BLT (by John Fluevog) that every man should order. $259

Bacon shaving cream. 'Nuff said. $15

Just because your fella's hands are cold doesn't mean they should be unable to use their touchscreen phone. These Leather Touchscreen Gloves are fancy as hell and he'll have ZERO excuse for not texting you back. $168

When in doubt, buy Smartwool. Nobody, NOBODY EVER will complain about receiving anything by Smartwool as a gift.
The Hemingway Cookbook offers 125 recipes from his life and works, along with other goodies such as passages from his books and personal correspondence. I know I'd like to taste what the king of joie de vivre enjoyed in his adventurous life. $14

It gets incredibly chilly in Oregon at times, and I find myself wondering how the year-round outdoors man keeps himself remotely warm during the cold season. ThermaCELL makes heated insoles that have rechargeable batteries and that is operated using a wireless remote control. You can get up to 5 hours of warmth on one charge, and they can be recharged up to 500 times. That kind of comfort when you need it most has to be worth every penny. $130

What are some of the more interesting or unique gifts you plan on giving to a special feller this year?

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