Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is coming up, and I decided to hunt down some unique (and mostly affordable) gifts that most Dads would love.

You're welcome!

What Dad doesn't enjoy a good burger?  What Dad wouldn't enjoy creating a STUFFED burger? $14.95 Williams Sonoma

Man-dles! I'm happy to see Yankee Candles came to their senses and created candles that don't smell like grandma's bad perfume. $27.99 Yankee Candle

 Uhhh...WANT! This would make for an awesome business card holder as well.  $45 Slim Timber

...for when you don't want to worry about Dad being able to start that fire when he insisted on taking the fam camping despite the weather forecast predicting/guaranteeing rain. $72 Amazon

I dunno, guys...I mean, I think every man should own a fancy yet rugged boot.  If your dad doesn't already own a pair or something like this, be a doll and make it happen.  For his sake. $279 Village Shoes

Bacon Olive Oil.  BACON OLIVE OIL. $14.99 Queen Creek Olive Mill

So, I'm fully aware that nobody will probably ever buy this for their dad, or for anyone probably, like, ever, but I'd just like everyone to know that this is something one could purchase if one decided they or a very, very, very special person (like myself) needed an animatronic ANIMATRONIC TRICERATOPS! $350,000 Hammacher Schlemmer 

I hope someone finds this useful...and by "someone" I mean "my mother," and by "useful," I mean, "buy me the animatronic triceratops for my birthday. Thanks, I love you."

On a serious note, I hope everyone makes sure their dad knows he's appreciated this Father's Day.  Love you, Dad!

Post by Amanda
Images via Uncrate


Anonymous said...

Just placed the order for the rhino! - A's Mom

Anonymous said...

I mean dino! ;)

Village Shoes said...

You're cute, Mom! Love you!

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gift pakistan said...

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