Thursday, July 14, 2011

Laurel Denise Jewelry!

Handcrafted in the USA, these one of a kind pieces are in store now! Come by and check them out! Laurel Denise Jewelry.

who she is:
laurel “lolly” smith, owner and designer of laurel denise.

what she does:
simply put, laurel accessorizes an accessory. she uses her original illustrations and her unique handwriting to create stunning glass and sterling pieces.

why she’s here:
because of a dream.

no, really. in 2005, laurel had a dream and in it she was using new tools and innovative materials to craft the beautiful creations that have since become the distinct and unique laurel denise aesthetic. before that dream, she’d never even heard of some of these tools and never ever thought her life would be filled with jewelry design.

laurel graduated from james madison university in 2003 with a degree in studio art. if you sat down to get coffee with laurel (iced, please, with a little bit of cinnamon), she'd measure her college years by those "late-nights of printmaking", one of her first studio art obsessions. later, laurel lived and worked just outside of new york city, developing what would become laurel denise.

but laurel's tendency towards art and creativity started even earlier than that. her childhood memories are speckled with what she calls "experiments," a favorite of which was on a home-bound snowy day,

"my two sisters, my mom and i decided to paint my niece’s room--i remember sitting on the window sill, painting little fairies inside and out, fading their dresses, giving their hair depth and adding smiles to their faces...i think it was the first time i felt really good at something, like maybe that’s what i was put on earth to do—to create and show love through art."

laurel has been creating her whole life. her vision and motivation behind laurel denise is not simply to make jewelry, but to take what could be considered a “job” and make it into art. laurel wants to take jewelry and turn it into an experience, a story, pieces that can be passed down.

laurel's dedication to her unique and authentic product make wearing her jewelry personal: to wear laurel denise is to know laurel denise, and, hopefully to draw inspiration from her art to yours.


Anonymous said...

These are precious!