Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Best Way to Spend that Holiday Bonus...

The babysitter arrived late, the baby was screaming, and the three day old leftovers you wolfed down standing over the kitchen sink tasted a little funky... Wearing your favorite black sweater dress and your brand new 'guilty-purchase' ruffled satin platform heels, you madly chip away at the ice on your windshield before surging across town to arrive at your boss' holiday party just as she's completing a warbly rendition of Shania Twain's "Honey I'm Home."

You flash a winning smile as all heads turn upon your grand entrance. Your co-worker mimes at her hair and you mouth "thanks" at her, before realizing that she was trying to covertly point out the spit up in your limp curls. Glancing around, you cant help but notice almost everyone else at the party is wearing a hideous sweater and last season's Ugly boots. You make a beeline for the kitchen and help yourself to a streaming cup of mulled wine.

Unexpectedly you feel someone's eyes on you. You turn and feel your face flush as your work crush, Federico, enters the room and stops short when he sees you. With pleasure, you notice that his black satin shirt matches your new shoes perfectly. Briefly, you allow yourself to drift into a daydream about what his shirt would look like rumpled on your bedroom floor...

Suddenly you realize that he is actually standing quite close and is looking at you quizzically. Had he said something? "What?" You feign deafness as, in the background, the manager's tone-deaf husband drones along with Nirvana. Federico leans into you and you inhale the spice of his aftershave. His eyes slowly move down your body, taking you in. He clears his throat a little.
"Nice shoes."

-written by Risa R.

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Anonymous said...

Oh la la, who is this Federico?.... I hope he's the newest addition to the VS gang ;)

Stacey said...

He's only a figment of Risa's imagination...a girl can dream can't she?