Friday, December 19, 2014

Fit Fix: Foot Sliding Forward

Heels are the most common culprit for this shoe dilemma. Because raising your heel up changes the position of the foot, your weight is redistributed forward. The extra forward pressure on the ball of your foot pushes your foot forward into the shoe. This can crunch the toes painfully in the top cap (making the shoe feel too small), or leave a gap around the heel cup, causing the heel to slip out of the shoe (making the shoe feel too big).
There are a few ways to fix this problem. A non-slip pad underneath the ball of the foot will keep the foot from sliding forward and improve fit, but won’t take much pressure off.
A high-heel insole by Superfeet draws the heel back in the shoe by redistributing your weight and stabilizing the heel. It’ll prevent your foot from sliding, and take the pressure off the ball of the foot. These insoles do take up some room in the shoe, however, so you might have to do some extra stretching. The insoles also raise up the heel a little in the shoe. If the heel cap isn’t high enough, you could slide right out! In that case, stick to the adhesive pads solution.

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