Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Men's Section

Hey everyone, this week I thought we’d share a little confession.

Here at Village, there is a whole section of shoes that don’t get much love: The Men’s Section.


The thing is, we love shoes, and we know how great a stylish new pair of shoes can make any girl or guy feel. So today, we thought we share a little love with all the male shoe lovers out there (and the beautiful ladies who love and support them).
We’re super excited about our collection of men’s boots we have for this fall. Of course we still carry the classics: Bedstu, J-Shoes and Fluevogs and Frye, but we’ve also brought in a new line from Portugal called Coque Terra that carries some unique twists on classic styles. Here’s a few from the lineup:

Throw on some water-proofing spray and they're winter weather ready.

But, not all guys are boot guys. For a more casual look, we’ve got the Honor by J-Shoes. It reminds of an Air Jordan, but the quality is a lot higher, so you won’t have a replace it as often.

And ladies, if the guys in your life say they just “don’t like shopping” tell them they can always order with us online or through the phone and get styling shoes without having to get off the couch.