Thursday, August 30, 2012


Alrighty...I guess we're in full on "out with Spring, in with Fall" mode.  I can't believe I'm reporting that we're already sold out of styles of Fall boots (which is insane because it's not even cold enough to wear them).

What the whaaaat? These new Men's J Shoes are pretty radtacular! I'm sure you recognize the black boot and the oxford with the red laces...we brought them back in new colors this Fall since the fellas took a liking to them last year. We also thought snazzy shoes deserve snazzy socks and brought in some fun Ozone and B.ella.

There ya go, ladies! New Espe purses! They're available in-store only because they're pretty much sold before we have time to put them on our website. Customers tell us they make a great gift!

And of course we got in new Espe wallets as well! $29 adorableness!

Flats, flats, and more flats! Eric Michael in navy, Cobb Hill in black and plum, and I'm wearing my future Tsubo flats in black! Hands off my size 6, ladies!

We have some new Frye handbags in stock!  I love the whole "implanted stud" thing they're doing these days.  They have an edgy, yet classic Frye look to them. (New women's Frye boots are here as well!)

Smartwool tights are back! They're perfect for when you want to wear skirts or dresses this Winter. I find that they keep me as warm as pants do when it's quite chilly out.

As of this very minute, 4:20pm on August 30th, we are 20 LIKES away from giving one lucky fan a $25 gift certificate! Share our page with your friends and family, pretty please! Share it with those you love and with those you loathe! Spread the good word of Village Shoes far and wide! Nobody deserves bad shoes! NOBODY!
All of that and we're still in the month of August! Over the next couple of months we're expecting more Fall shoes to arrive, as well as hats, scarves, and other cold weather accessories. Stop by our store or shop online!

post by Amanda
photos by Halle