Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Versatile Looks for a Highly Irritable One Stop Shopper

Shopping is always fun until it isn't. Something inevitably will annoy me at the beginning of a shopping trip which will make me want to turn the trip into an in-and-out mission. Get in. Get what I need. Get the hell out. Easy peasy and I don't have to use my AK.

Because I have nothing but R-E-S-P-E-C-T for my fellow fast shoppers, I decided to throw together some shoe/accessory combos with outfit ideas. You're welcome!

Pictured above: Frye Jane Strappy boot, Frye Cameron Magazine Crossbody (in cognac), M. Cummings Blue Tiger Eye necklace, A.J. Morgan shades, and Decker Jewelry Criss Cross Heart earrings

These treats would look fantastic with:
-Dark blue skinny jeans
-A flowy blouse with some sort of print in warmer hues
-Cognac colored belt

Pictured above: Eric Michael Frida sandal, Maya Moon Deluxe Bucket Bag (in black croc), Kate Jack Double Hanging Hoop earrings, A.J. Morgan Shades, and a sparkly studded cuff

This gear would look fantastic with:
-A high-waisted black pencil skirt
-Bright blue top
-Thick waist belt with gold hardware

Pictured above: John Fluevog Roxanna oxford, Leaders in Leather 2511 Shoulder Bag, Nicole Ruibal Turquoise necklace, and a few Cherry Peterson leather bracelets.

These goodies would look fun with:
-A pair of dark wash boot cut jeans
-Dark brown tank top
-A rusty orange sweater
-Dark brown belt

Pictured above: Wonders H-9206 sandal, Espe Cheers handbag (in blue), A.J. Morgan shades, dconstruct earrings and cuff (in tempo ice), and a Jedzebel HS826 fedora

This will definitely look good with:
-Khaki skinny crop pants (ankle length and make sure the hue of the khaki pairs with the tan color of the sandal)
-A white, tucked in blouse
-Thin black belt with silver hardware

That wasn't so hard, was it?

post by Amanda
photos by Halle


Sigrid said...

Love the complete looks.

Priya Kundu said...

NIce post!!
I like these outfit!