Monday, June 27, 2011

Elf Mountain Leather Goods at Village Shoes!

Elf Mountain Leather Goods started in 1994 when Dave Summers decided to dedicate his time to leather handcrafting. He initially made his products for friends and family, but thanks to word of mouth, hard work, and dedication, Elf Mountain was officially born in 1996, and has been growing ever since. Dave takes pride in running his company with an old world business philosophy where his customers are life-long because your purchase is meant to last.

According to Dave, finding the leather is half of the art. He looks for unique pieces and typically finds them in Portland and Eugene, Oregon and also uses fine leather out of Napa, California. The leathers are strong and are meant to last a lifetime. He recommends using leather conditioner to keep the bull hide soft, and suggests waterproofing with mink oil and beeswax, and is only a phone call away should you need any repairs. With proper care, your investment in Elf Mountain is something you will be able to enjoy for years and years.
We think these handbags pair nicely with El Naturalista, Frye and many others. Dave is also willing to take custom orders or add special details to one of the bags you see here. Please contact us for more info.

Post by Amanda


caseydog said...

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave for over 30 years and have been wearing his shoes for over17 years. I can tell you that both Dave and his products have love and quality at there core. If you want to wear a pair of boots or moccasins that make you feel like you are walking barefoot without feeling the hot pavement or other things that may hurt your feet then you need to order a pair of his shoes. He makes each pair so they fit YOUR foot to a tee. If for some reason you need a pair fixxed you can call him and he will have you send them back and they will be fixxed at no charge. You will not find a better product made with more love than you will at Elf Montain. I have two pair's of boots, a back pack, a journal and a few peices of jewelry and a friend for life. This doesn't include all the products I have purchased for my family. DAVES STUFF WILL LAST A LIFETIME!!!! You can't say that about many things in life. Keep up the great work!!!

Tom Slivka
Centreville, VA, 20121

Village Shoes said...

Thanks for your comment, Tom. Living in Ashland (and selling his product), we've come across many of his customers and we've yet to come in contact with anyone that was less than thrilled with their purchase. They LOVE the craftsmanship, they LOVE the phenomenal customer service, and best of all, they LOVE the fact that after years of use, their bag (or moccasins) are still in great shape!