Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Gift Of A Safe And Happy Home For Atti

Meet Atti, the lioness... She is being rescued and brought to Oregon. Her compound recently declared bankruptcy and Village Shoes donated to help transport her and give her a
good home at the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary.

The best present anyone can have is a safe home and a loving family, and she couldn't ask for a better place to relocate. The highly respected Oregon Tiger Sanctuary, is a safe haven for abused and neglected exotic and endangered animals and was founded in 1991. OTS was established to enhance the lives of these majestic beings. Lovingly cared for by an all volunteer staff, almost 50 exotic animals including lions, tigers, black leopards, cougars, snow leopards, as well as a variety of primates, call the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary home. The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is dedicated to educating the human species about the endangered ones of our planet. OTS also assists in the creation of guidelines and intelligent legislation for the compassionate retirement of exhibition exotics and other animals used in motion pictures, zoos, and educational programming.

May this Holiday be filled with joy and peace to all living beings, including these precious animals that evoke mystic and awe when you have had the privilege to be near them.

They still need to raise $500 more to transport her.
If you want to help with her rescue or her care, please