Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Fluevog's Are Here!

I woke up this morning, poured myself a cup of coffee, strolled around the house getting ready for just another day at work. To my surprise when I walked through the doors of Village Shoes there were five large boxes just waiting to be broken into. Like a kid at Christmas we ripped into the delicious packages excited at the fantastic display before us. Five new styles of Fluevog's are here and they won't disappoint even the most discerning pallette.

We're happy to introduce you to the Bellevue Collection.

Each shoe is named after an outlaw from the wild west. First there is Pearl Hart. In 1899, troublesome teenager Pearl Hart (age 17) left her hometown in Ontario for the Wild West. While in Tucson, Pearl fell in love with a mustachioed shyster named Joe Boot, and together they formed a successful mugging duo. She eventually became the first stagecoach robber in Arizona. After getting caught napping by the Sheriff, Pearl was sentenced to 5 years of hard time in an all men's penitentiary - making her not only the first woman to go to prison in Arizona, but the first to get pregnant in prison! She was released afterwards due to the fact that her two cell mates were the former Governor and a Minister.

Using soft dusty leathers with an ankle buckled strap on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, this Mary Jane is sure to get you in and out of trouble. Shop Now! $209

Then we give you Libby Smith. In 1889, Pioneer Libby Smith (age 16) was captured by a tribe of Native Americans and was forced into a tribal death-game called "the gauntlet." After surviving a near-fatal tomahawk to the head, Libby later became famous as an integral part of the "77" - a renegade vigilante group who helped protect the settlers of Montana.

Using soft dusty leathers with faux-spats & buttons on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, this zipped calf-high boot is sure to get you through the Gauntlet in one piece. Shop Now! $289

Thirdly we bring you Mattie Silks. In 1881, Denver rival Madames Mattie Silks and Katie Fulton settled a jealous dispute by taking up pistols against each other in a duel over bruiser and gambler Cortez Thomson (who ironically (or deliberately), was the only person injured in the duel). Mattie went on to become the most successful and influential businesswomen that Denver has ever known. She kept steady "business" for 42 years until she ran off with a railroad tycoon, only to return a decade later to resume "business" for another 20 years.

Using a soft Italian black leather with two double-buckled straps on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, this zipped knee-high boot is sure keep "business" opportunities coming back for more. Shop Now! $385

Then it's on to the Adrian Family. The Adrian family has become many ladies' go-to boots for the Winter season. Drawn as a modern western boot on a men's boot last, the family is named after John's son Adrian who is known for his warm geniality and generosity. "A thankful person is a happy person."

The Alli will be coming home with me very soon. I've been waiting for this beauty to arrive. Gorgeous brown leather uppers with wing-tip details. Four buckles across the instep provide a secure fit as well as an adorable feminine detail. Full leather lining and soft supportive footbed. Tunite soles bear the Adrian family message "A thankful person is a happy person." Made in Portugal. Shop Now! $175

Nannette ... Oh Nannette - Where do I begin? A tall equestrian boot from John Fluevog's Adrian family! Stylish three buckle detail and nine eyelet laces adjust for a secure fit around the foot. Full zipper up the back of the calf for easy on and off. Gorgeous brown leather uppers and full leather lining.
Shop Now! $319

- Post by Stacey