Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mai Lamore's Rose Shoes $27,945

A truly rare find, designed by Mai Lamore, these shoes are a work of art. The heels are 18 karat gold and the silk petals are hand-dyed. The playful bee is made of gold, onyx and agate. The expensive cutting-edge design is a jaw dropping $27,945.

"Becoming more and more convinced that nothing sufficiently prestigious yet existed to put in valor a woman's foot, Mai Lamore secretly developed her first collection of high luxury women's shoes. With a near-fetishist passion for women's footwear, it is not surprising that her creations exert a magical power on women."

Contact Mai Lamore directly for more information or to view some more of her incredible creations!


Choc Cake said...

Absolutely Gorgeous Shoes Love Them!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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